Dangerous Dave is an ex-seasonaire from Tignes who is going to climb his first mountain ever in April. Why the fuck wouldn’t it be Everest?
We're gonna see a lot of snow this week...
Woodsy, currently ranked number 2 slopestyle skiier in the world, is a living legend and one of the soundest guys you could ever meet. We caught up with him in Tignes after his X Games Big Air win, whilst he was touring the Planks stores.
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Nine people caught, four dead, two safe, three more missing.
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The results are in for the World Ski and Snow Awards 2016, and Val d'Isere managed to take home not one, not two, but THREE wins!
Does Travis Rice's latest snowboard epic live up to those that came before it? The Echo knows, and so can you.
Long story short, heliskiing has been illegal in France for more than three decades but, as first reported by Le Gorafi last week, this may soon change! We’ll get to the details near the end of the article but first, here’s a history lesson that will allow me both to fill up space and flaunt my Canadian heritage. If you don’t care about the history (you should) then skip to the end of the article.
Fall Line’s own hero Jono Christer won the WMCs two years ago and so we chatted about what makes a champion: