I realised that the only film I’d seen with skiing in it was Chalet Girl and whilst this is a shining example of cinematic greatness, I was sure there must be more in the cheesy snow sports genre that I was missing.
Ever wondered just how the Espace Killy came to be? Regardless of your answer we thought it might be worth looking into seeing as there are so many visitors here over the next few weeks … perhaps give you some interesting chairlift convo….
Your inventions are bad, and you should feel bad.
This week, in the series-of-fun-things-I-go-out-and-try-and-pretend-it’s-work, I went ice karting.
On the day when I was probably the most hungover and had slept the least hours of the whole season, I decided it would be an excellent idea to jump into a very big abyss.
I think everyone is pretty curious about piste-bashers, the mysterious creatures of the night that I’m pretty sure no one has ever met. So, in my quest for high quality journalism for the Echo, I decided to meet one.
Female Friendly Snowsports and Yoga Retreats Come to the Espace Killy
Last week, I went to find out what’s behind those very loud bangs at night that always make me think the terrorists have come for Val.
Meteo France is calling for up to 80cm of snow in 36 hours, but is that good news?
The weather front currently causing massive floods in the UK is heading our way and bringing some much needed snow with it.
The Espace Killy is guaranteed to get you stoked for your trip! Having spent a considerable amount of time in the place myself let me throw some good reasons in the bucket as to why...
We have had a think and grouped a few of our favourite characters to spot whilst out in Tignes and Val. Here are eight people you are bound to meet in the resort - you love to hate them and hate to love them.
Celebrate the new year by partying on the piste in one and only Val d'Isere!
We're coming back to town and we're coming back with exactly what you want for Christmas. We're even gonna give it to you a month early 'cause we're nice like that.