We're coming back to town and we're coming back with exactly what you want for Christmas. We're even gonna give it to you a month early 'cause we're nice like that.
This week our favorite Scottish chalet host, Cat, was buried in an avalanche. We met up to get her take on what happened and if it could have been avoided..
You probably know Ed Leigh as the host of Ski Sunday, or as the guy who got a few hundred complaints and a scathing daily mail piece about his commentary at the Olympics. Maybe you even know him as the guy that tries to explain what your sport really is to the masses. What you might not know, however, is that Ed did his first season right here in Val way back when a lot of you were nothing more than a glint in the postman’s eye. We caught up with Ed last week.
The World's Best riders come to Val d'Isere to compete on the Street Course at 1:30pm and on the legendary Big Air tonight from 6:30pm.
Last week, Franco-Swiss pro snowboarder Anne-Flore Marxer was in town with some friends and graciously took time out of her shred-athon to meet with the Echo before ultimately taking second in the Chamonix leg of the Freeride World Tour on her birthday! Here’s what she had to say about being a snowboarder first, a female snowboarder second, an industry activist, and an adventurer always.
This ex-pro rider is a bit like Vegemite: unique, Australian, and a bit of an acquired taste.
It’s The Echo’s Ten Year anniversary! So who better to interview than the brains that started the magazine back in 2004. Welcome back - Mark Beattie and Freddie Stanford!
Vonn wins Downhill & Cow. Could tie record tomorrow.
As we seem to currently have serious lack of snow this week we focus on what else there is to get up to! The answer is – quite a lot!
At the start of every winter Dr Alan Griffiths, the English doctor in Val, gives a health talk to seasonnaires. After reading them the riot act about burning out before Christmas he goes on to discuss the effects of living at altitude. Here he summarises main points for any of you who may have missed the talk...
With only a couple of runs open until we get a bigger dusting of the white stuff and more and more people coming to resort etiquette on the piste has never been more important.
After running the English Medical Centre for 16 years, Dr Alan Griffiths is moving to the MEDIVAL Medical Centre, on the main road into town opposite the petrol station.
New to The Echo, but no stranger to seasons, Josh Hillman gives us his top ten (ok, eleven) tips to make sure you make the most of your winter!