Off Mountain Activities

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As we seem to currently have serious lack of snow this week we focus on what else there is to get up to! The answer is – quite a lot!
Kenny Jesus

1. Try Parapenting!Admit it, you’ve always wanted to fly like Superman haven’t you?  Well, this is probably the closest you’ll ever come.  You don’t need snow and the view of the mountains is bloody epic!  You can book your parapenting trip through Fly VIP - a discovery tandem flight will set you back €90 (although you might be able to wrangle a deal if you’re a seasonnaire). Check out: or 06804846962. Squash.If you’re a squash fan or even if you fancy a work out on the legs, find a friend book a court for an hour and you’re all set. (They have kit you can hire if you don’t your own) The court costs €12.50 an hour and can be booked via the Aquasportif website: Gym and Swim.There’s a full gym with cardio and weights room and a 20 meter pool at the Aquasportif. For different membership and entry prices see the website: but your Vie Val D’s card gets you a discount and just a one off swim costs €7.  Pretend to be Michael Phelps without the unfortunate surprise of finding out your girlfriend was born a dude.4. Indoor Football.You can also book 5-aside football at the Aquasportif – Let us know if you are interested in indoor football as we’re thinking a Val D’isere 5-a-side competition is on the cards!  We like to pretend we’re Zidane and headbutt people in the chest.5. Go for a Climb.A great work out and pretty fun, Val has it’s own climbing wall in the Centre Aquasportif with 7 routes graded from 5a to 6c (we have no idea what that means) but it costs €5.50, 10 entries cost €40 and season membership is €120.  Bonus fun: watch Sylvester Stallone’s Cliffhanger before going and shout epic quotes at confused strangers.6. Hike/Run.Ginger-Ninja/Fitness Machine Alex Burian’s top running/hiking spots are from Le Fornet up to Point St Charles along the snow path. You can take the bus up to Fornet or start off in town if your feeling super brave. Another good one is up the Tete de Solaise run, then down to the Lac d’Ouillette restaurant and all around the cross-country paths.7. Movie Night.There’s a cinema in Val just next to the Sherpa which is pretty much the Holy Grail of cinemas as it lets you bring your own snacks.  Dwell on that for a moment.  Your. Own. Snacks.  We’ve seen dudes eating full pizzas in there.  Unfortunately it hasn’t opened its doors for the season just yet, but at least you know it’s there.8. Yoga.Great for fitness, calming the mind, preventing injuries, increasing flexibility and apparently it even improves your sex life! Charlotte runs sessions each week held at Centre Aquasportif, simply turn up pay at the front desk and join in (1.5hrs - €16.50, 1hr - €14.50). This week there’s a session on Sunday and Wednesday evening at Go for a pint.We’re not going to lie.  When you’ve been here as long as we have and the snow isn’t epic, we usually end up in one of the 8 thousand bars in town.  There’s something good going on every night - check out the listings starting on page 9.10.  Have sex.Well, we all know that drinking is bad for you but on the plus side, in Val, it often ends in pulling.  In addition to burning calories there are numerous benefits to having regular sex including: boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, lowering your risk of heart attack, and improving sleep.11. Get a ski lesson!We know, we know.  We said this was going to be a list of stuff to do off the snow, but this is actually a great time to focus on the little things and improve your technique before the rest of the hill opens up.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a fit ski instructor as well (although, unfortunately, Ken from Progression is off the market these days).  Check out: Progression Ski  & Snowboard School - and New Generation -