Interview with a World Champion

Fall Line’s own hero Jono Christer won the WMCs two years ago and so we chatted about what makes a champion:
Kenny Jesus

I interviewed the 2014 champion of the famous World Monoski Championships, Val d’Isere’s most serious day of sporting finesse (or in reality our biggest and best piss up). Anyone can enter and you don’t have to have dabbled in monosking before, which makes for hilarious viewing. The only strict rule is the dress code, which is anything disgustingly day-glo and 80s fabulous.  Fall Line’s own hero Jono Christer won two years ago and so we chatted about what makes a champion:


What is the best thing about the World Monoski Championships?
The best thing about any given Wednesday is that anything can happen. That and watching people fall over repeatedly.


What was your winning outfit?
A pair of aspen extreme high waisted pants… Super tight for aero-dynamics! And I sported a particularly fetching pink and yellow neon floral shirt so you couldn’t miss me and a head band from monoski 2008 for best crash- proud of that one!

When not killing it on the monoski, do you usually ski or board? 
I’m a skier, so it’s easier to adapt than for boarders. It’s all about the snake-hips with mono-skiing and I’ve been told that my hips don’t lie. It feels pretty weird when you first start out but monoskis actually turn more easily than normal skis, so once you get used to that, you’re sorted.

Talk us through the day…
It takes place in the Val park and Kene provides the monoskis for all the entrants. You race in pairs side by side through an 8 gate slalom so each race is over pretty fast, although there are a lot of falls. It’s a knockout competition so the winner of each race goes through to the next round. For spectators, there’s a bbq, beers and general good times.  After the event there’s a prize giving at Blue Note, then the ‘Village Fete’ which is basically a massive pub crawl with games in each bar.

At what age did you realise it was your destiny to be a champion of the monoski?
It was the first thought I ever had. Apparently I’d been told by my parents from the day I was born that I’d be a champion and that it would either be in monoskiing or extreme eating. I chose the former.

And what did you win?
A bottle of bubbly, some awesome kit from Planks, and eternal glory.

Now that the World Monoski Championship has been mentioned in a Telegraph article about crazy events to mark the end of a ski season, thus classifying it as highly important, the pressure’s on. Are you nervous? 
Pah... I’m stoked to defend my title

What advice would you give to this year’s first time competitors?
Just give it a go as it’s an awesome day. Take sun-cream and have plenty of Dutch Courage (Rose is my preferred tipple). Also, make sure your bindings are cranked up- those double ejections will get ya! Oh znd make sure you tie your shoe laces up… Finally, finish it with style. When I won, I leapt over the finish line and my monoski flew off and landed in the crowd of adoring fans. Most importantly though, enjoy yourself and pace yourself. It’s one of the best days of the season so try and remember some of it.