Fatal Avalanche in Tignes

Nine people caught, four dead, two safe, three more missing.
Kenny Jesus

[EDIT] Some of the facts reported in this article are incorrect and have been updated here: http://echomag.co.uk/features/2017/tignes-avalanche-update


Rescue services and helicopters quickly arrived on the scene this morning after a 400m wide avalanche was released on the Lavachet wall in the Toviere sector of Tignes this morning around 10:30am.  So far six people have been removed from the debris but, sadly, only two of the six have survived.  The death-toll is expected to rise as the chances of survival for the three remaining victims are very slim.  According to official reports the group were on holiday in Tignes and were skiing with a professional instructor.  Our thoughts go out to everyone affected.

The current risk of avalanche is 3 on the scale of 5 and this incident, on a North-West facing slope, comes on a relatively warm morning after several days of strong winds.  Météo France's official avalanche report (below) notes the risk of rising temperatures and the presence of wind slabs on North, West, and Southerly aspects.