A Meter of Fresh Snow by Wednesday?!

We're gonna see a lot of snow this week...
Kenny Jesus

It's gonna dump next week.

Sure, Snow Forecast tends to err on the side of making you happy and calling 47cm overnight on Saturday is friggin' punchy, but it's still sweet to see numbers like those.

The Sat24 weather models are slightly less optimistic.  Although they can be a bit hard to read super accurately, to us it looks like they're calling for about 70cm.

Our weather idol, Meteo Morris from WePowder, is calling a solid 113cm over the next 6 days.  According to PA#15

"If the calculations are correct (and it looks like they are), a lot of cold air will come in from the east in the night to Sunday (and maybe even sooner). The snow that came down from Wednesday to Saturday will be topped with a layer of cold blower powder. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be awesome days! It's ON like Donkey Kong from Monday."

So, basically, we're gonna see a butt load of snow, even if we're not sure exactly how much.

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