Snow Watch - Day One

It's white but there are a lot of sharks.
Kenny Jesus

We called one meter of new snow by Monday.  This morning we talked to Cedric Bonnevie, Assistant-Director of the Ski Patrol, and he told us the official tally for yesterday's snowfall was 8cm.

8 down, 92 to go.

We decided to poke around a little bit and found some ok-ish snow off the back of Cugnai.  We also found every ski instructor in Val d'Isere back there.

Next we went over to the glacier and found some nice deep pockets in Col Pers, despite the entry looking a lot like a Japanese zen garden (if case that went over your head, we're saying it was very rocky).

Not sure where these guys came from, possibly Italy.  They got some pretty decent lines.

Long story short, today was pretty fun.  Yes, it was only 8cm but multiple small snowfalls makes for a much more stable snowpack than one big dump.

Also, if you're worried about wrecking your kit on rocks hidden under the surface, don't worry about it; we took one for the team and hit every single hidden rock in the Espace Killy...  Off to Snowberry with a crate of beers for the workshop boys in the morning.

Until next time, keep your stick on the ice.