Where Has All The Snow Gone?

Depending on how you look at it, it hasn't gone anywhere...
Kenny Jesus

This is the total snow fall per season as measured on the snowfront by the Pisteurs for every season in Val d'Isère since 90/91.  

The average snowfall over the 26 years is 5m48cm, in the last five full years of "there's no snow in the Alps" the average has been 5m90cm...

Maybe it's time to stop taking the Daily Mail at face value?  You shouldn't really take us at face value either though.  These numbers are the total amount of snow that has fallen, but it seems to us that it must be melting faster as we used to have way more snow in the village than we did 10 years ago.  We're going to try and get the snow depth numbers for March 1st for all of these seasons.  Hopefully that will give us a clearer picture of what is actually happening.  

Full disclosure: so far this season we've only seen 250cm, but more is on the way as you can see here.