5am closing

Doudoune Club

Doudoune Club opened 2008 and has since then brought some of the biggest nights to Val d’Isère. World class residents Phil Garner & Phillippe Coste will together with weekly guest DJs give you a clubbing experience you won’t forget! Located under Cocorico - Apres Ski. Open daily from midnight - 05.00. Free pick up

Le Graal

One of the smartest nightclubs in town complete with a flashing dance floor. Free shuttle bus 11pm - 5 am: see following page for details. Free wi-fi and an all-night burger bar make it a great place to hang out before the crowds show up (about 10:30pm-1am) or a great spot for a late night snack.

Dicks Tea Bar

Located in the centre of town, does this place really need an introduction? Open from 4pm to 5am with great (read: sexy) staff, an amazing lighting and sound system as well as a cosy ambiance during apres. Drinks promotions every night from 11pm – 12pm. Book ahead for VIP tables.
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