VIP tables

Doudoune Club

Doudoune Club opened 2008 and has since then brought some of the biggest nights to Val d’Isère. World class residents Phil Garner & Phillippe Coste will together with weekly guest DJs give you a clubbing experience you won’t forget! Located under Cocorico - Apres Ski. Open daily from midnight - 05.00. Free pick up

Le Graal

One of the smartest nightclubs in town complete with a flashing dance floor. Free shuttle bus 11pm - 5 am: see following page for details. Free wi-fi and an all-night burger bar make it a great place to hang out before the crowds show up (about 10:30pm-1am) or a great spot for a late night snack.

Café Face

Located in the centre of town, this is a cosmopolitan bar with live music from five. Hourly beer prices from 4pm going up 10 cents an hour until 10pm and free gastronomic finger food.

La Folie Douce

Located on the mountain on the OK/Orange, this ‘daytime nightclub’ creates one hell of a party up there with live DJ’s and singers mixed together. The mountain restaurant offers a full range menu in a luxury environment. Eat inside or out and soak up the party atmosphere up there.

Dicks Tea Bar

Located in the centre of town, does this place really need an introduction? Open from 4pm to 5am with great (read: sexy) staff, an amazing lighting and sound system as well as a cosy ambiance during apres. Drinks promotions every night from 11pm – 12pm. Book ahead for VIP tables.
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